Delilah Linch

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Member since August 2018

Delilah’s Caffeinated Creations - Art Made While Highly Caffeinated


My business name is inspired by my coffee addiction. Along with my caffeine addiction, my love for pottery began over 17yrs ago in high school. I found myself taking pottery classes every year, as a creative and sometimes therapeutic outlet. I fed this passion throughout higher education, as I continued to take pottery and ceramic classes. Though I never majored in art, it’s always been a part of my life.


In 2018 I became a member of the NOCO Potters Guild, which inspired me to start my business venture. Handmade pottery and ceramics, for me, is not just about making dishware and vases. It’s about creating objects that evoke emotions, make one contemplate, and perhaps even inspire! I love making pieces that intrigue the senses. Pieces that one finds hard to look away from and/or scream to be touched.


I use various clay bodies and glaze techniques, to create various looks and textures. I prefer wheel-throwing over hand-building, but I do hand-build occasionally. I’m continuously experimenting, learning and trying new techniques. I enjoy making abstract art and I like pushing the clay boundaries. Most of my work is functional, some is abstract, some visually aesthetic, a few misfits and always uniquely handmade. -💙DL