Peggy Quinn

Member since March 2018

 I received my Bachelor’s in Fine Arts with a concentration in Ceramics in 1980. Through the years I held many jobs in the ceramic field. I worked for a large ceramic factory where I designed decorative objects to be mass produced, developed suitable clay and slip bodies, and developed and mixed glazes. I was the inhouse technical leader for this company. I also worked for two companies as a production potter. My skill level as a potter increased tremendously from this type of repetitive production. Then I worked for several years on my own as a studio potter selling at craft exhibitions and in galleries.

For several years, I pursued my love of painting and color as an acrylic painter. I am delighted now that the Guild has allowed me to return to my first love of pottery making. From my time as a painter, I have developed an eye for color. I create decorative utilitarian objects with bright fresh colors and a playfulness not normally found in functional pottery. Many of my pieces use a technique called sgraffito where colored clay slip is applied to the surface of the pot. Then when the clay has stiffened up, a freehand design is carved out to create a lively pattern. My functional work is decorative but is also microwave and dishwasher safe making it a pleasure to use.