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Restructuring for Sustainability:
Member Information Page

To help make the Guild's operations & future more sustainable, the NCPG Board of Directors has approved a proposal to hire part-time staff for the Guild. We are excited by the opportunities and resources this will bring to our clay community.


Over the next 6-12 months, the NCPG will be moving forward with hiring staff, restructuring the Board, and increasing revenue to fund these proposals. These changes will make the Guild's operations & future more sustainable, and enable our organization to grow in new & exciting ways.


This page has been set up to ensure that members have access to information about this transition and opportunities to participate & offer feedback. Please read carefully, as many of your questions should be answered in these materials!


March 2024 Presentation (full recording)

Note: presentation begins several minutes into recording, you may want to fast-forward. The recording may ask for a password, which is: Hd*KY!B3


March 2024 Presentation (pdf of slides)



Presentation Summary Handout

Board Restructuring Handout


Proposed Membership Tiers Handout

Job Descriptions

Member Feedback Form

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