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Adeline Engelstad

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Member since January 2017

I’ve been fiddling around with clay since I can remember.  I have a vivid childhood memory of digging clay out of the ground at our family acreage and making a little family of duck sculptures.  In high school, I took every art class possible and was always drawn to clay in particular. Although I never got to thrown on the wheel, I loved handbuilding.  After high school, I took quite a creative hiatus through college and a few years after. I started taking classes again in 2015 at the City Studio and eventually the NOCO Potters’ Guild.  That’s when I learned how to throw and was introduced to porcelain, the magic material!

The ability to create something out of this raw material has always engaged me.  But I also love glass and light, and when I heard that porcelain could become translucent I was obsessed! Mainly I focus on creating luminaries and am constantly in pursuit of new variations.  I come from a family of makers and artists and it’s been wonderful rediscovering my creative side. 

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