About Our Facility

  • Kitchen / lounge area
  • Separate spaces for throwing and hand-building
  • Glaze area with a variety of glazes from cone 10 reduction, cone 6 oxidation and raku.
  • Glaze mixing room
  • A variety of clay is stocked and available for purchase
  • Three electric Skutt kilns,and one small electric test kiln
  • Indoor gas kiln
  • Raku kiln
  • Extruder, slab roller and a variety of molds
  • Spray booth for glazes

We sell clay to the public

The intent of clay sales to the public is to support the Northern Colorado art community.

Hours of Operation
Clay is for sale to the public on Saturdays 9am-11am only. $20.00 per bag.

Terms of Payment
Exact cash or personal check.
Prices include tax. Debit/Credit Card

Additional Terms
Sales are limited to 2 boxes per person per month. Exceptions for slightly larger quantities may be granted on a case by case basis or by advance arrangement. Prices may be adjusted at any time without notice. NO RETURNS.

Here is a list of clays available at the Guild.

Continental Clays

  • Cone 5-10: B-Clay
  • Cone 6-10: Buff Stoneware
  • Cone 6-10: Buff Stoneware with Ochre

Laguna Clays

  • Cone 10 (WCC379): B Mix 10
  • Cone 10 (WC409): CA2
  • Cone 5-6 (WC403): Speckled Buff
  • Cone 5-6 (WC394): SB Red