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Member Benefits

  • Unlimited access to Guild facility and equipment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Opportunity to participate in 2 annual show/sale events

  • Discounts for Guild classes

  • Purchase clay at discounted “bulk” rates

  • Display pictures of work on Guild Website

Cost of Membership

There is a one-time nonrefundable membership fee of $300 ($400 for a family of 2) which may be paid in two installments. The first installment is due at time of joining as a probationary member; the second installment is due in no later than three months from joining.


Monthly dues are currently $38, $54 or $84 per month (changing to $42, $58, or $91 in June 2021) dependent upon the type of membership selected.

Regular members pay $54 per month until June 2021 then $58 per month, with unlimited studio time, 2 ware shelves, 10% discount on classes $300 initial membership fee.


Associate members (none available at this time) pay $38 per month until June 2021 then $42 per month, with 5 hours per week of studio time, 1 ware shelf, 10% discount on classes and $300 initial membership fee.


A Family membership is available for 2 adults, $84 per month until June 2021 then $91 per month, with unlimited studio time, 3 ware shelves, 10% discount on classes $300 initial membership fee.

Additional Fees

All bisque and glaze firing costs are extra. Firing fees are communicated to the membership and will vary slightly depending upon the cost of gas or electricity. The use of guild glazes is included in the firing charges; therefore items glazed at the guild must be fired at the guild.

Additional storage shelves are available for a small monthly fee.

Membership Information

Incoming members are expected to be able to work independently and are probationary for 6 months. All members are required to help to maintain a clean studio and contribute time and labor toward the functioning of the Guild. The studio is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Throwing wheels may not be available during class sessions. Each member will have a secure door code.

There is a minimum of two sales a year (spring and fall) in which members are encouraged to participate. The sales also serve as a fund raiser for the Guild, thus a small percentage of the sales is retained for operational expenses. Two studio cleanup days per year are scheduled prior to the shows, and members are expected to participate. Members are also strongly encouraged to to participate on a committee, or serve as a committee chairman, after the first year.

Each new member is required to read the bylaws and rules & regulations for more detailed information.

Facilities, Clay Purchases, Glazing, & Firing

  • The Guild stocks a variety of clays for members to purchase. Other clays may be purchased at a volume discount by notifying the vice president, who will include the requested clay in the next order. Orders may take up to 4 weeks for delivery.

  • Bisque, glaze and raku firing is accomplished using a high fire gas kiln, three electric kilns, and a raku kiln.
    Electric kiln loads are fired as soon as sufficient wares are on hand to fill the kiln. Raku and high fire kilns are rented and fired by individual members.

  • Twelve wheels are available for throwing including one handicapped accessible wheel.

  • A hand building area with a slab roller and extruder are housed on the upper level.

  • A spray booth, glazes and glazing area, and a kitchen/lounge area are also available.

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