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Kathi Kline

Member since April 2005

Clay Artist from 2003-2019


I love making functional pottery - pieces people can use every day. I especially like creating decorated hand built unique pieces. I also love throwing pieces on the wheel and watching them take shape. Just about every piece I create will have a carved design or a stamped design.


I began working with clay 16 years ago at the Fort Collins City Park Studio. I joined the Northern Colorado Potters Guild in April of 2015 when it opened. I continue to take classes, experiment with ideas I get from books, and watch and practice along with the great videos that are available on the web. Working with clay is a continuous learning experience. I love it when one of my friends or customers challenges me to make a special piece for them. I love it when they return for more of my pottery.


My pottery is displayed in one gallery - the Lincoln Gallery in Loveland Colorado.


I cannot say I have deep thoughts when working with clay. But the clay does speak to me. It tells me (and many times proves to me) that it will not be rushed. It needs time to become; it needs my patience and guidance; it needs my careful handling and attention to detail while it is going through the stages necessary to become a beautiful finished piece of pottery. Working with clay has taught me to have patience, give it time, and handle with care (works with people too).


I sell my pottery and gift many of my pieces to friends, family, and fund raisers for non profits in the local area. Creating pottery is my therapy. l love working with clay. Sharing my pottery with others through gifting or sales is a bonus to me - a nice feeling that someone else likes my work. It's nice to know a little bit of my creativity is being shared across the country and is in the hands of others who love pottery.

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