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Stephen Huth

Member since January 2010

I did not take a single art class until I was in my mid-20s, when I took a handbuilding pottery class in Chicago and fell in love with clay. But after a few years, my wife and I moved, had children, and I did not return to clay until the mid-1990s. I have been making ceramics ever since. When we moved to Colorado in 2010, I joined the Potters’ Guild. Much of my pottery is functional, but for the last 10 years I have been experimenting with tall ceramic pieces for outdoor display. I began with rather large (6-8 feet tall) forms and now construct more manageable (3-5 feet tall) pieces. I call these pieces totems because they represent my “clay” stories, and with them I hope to show the kinship between the firing and permanence of ceramics and the earth from which ceramics originate. Some of my forms are jitterbug totems because they do not follow a straight line but seem to defy gravity.

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