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Jim Reinicker

Member since 2007

I started throwing at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts (PA) in the early '90's, when I needed a creative outlet. I was already buying other potter's work, but I couldn't find mugs I loved. So I took up pottery to make mugs I loved. Before long, my work was in a number of Pittsburgh shops and galleries.


My work is inspired by the Hawaiian islands and intended to evoke the colors of tropical water and also flowing water. I use shell imprints somewhere on every piece - like on the thumb rests of my mugs - that I mostly collected in Hawaii. It's in homage to my parents who had 16 glorious years together on Kauai before my dad fell ill and passed.


I am passionate about pottery. I love throwing on the wheel and getting lost in the flow of creating something beautiful and useful. Think of it; you start with a wet ball of clay, apply your hands, body leverage and imagination, and magically a shape comes forth. For me, the excitement builds as each piece then gets trimmed, glazed and fired...building each step of the way...culminating once I open the kiln and gaze upon the colorful pieces of functional art that have materialized, as if by magic.


I can tell you there is a peace of my heart in every piece of my pottery. I hope it touches you and that you enjoy using it or gifting it as much as I enjoy creating it.

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